One of the key obstacles that keep businesses from making more sustainable choices about their sourcing, manufacturing, retailing, or purchasing is the lack of information and good decision-making tools. I bring together a potent combination of rigorous research, practical tools to make better choices and the ability to present technical results in a way non-scientists can understand. Clients have said I’m the person to go to when they want to bring together key players around an emerging issue and come up with practical solutions.

I have over 24 years of experience with over 100 groups, including more than a dozen NGO coalitions locally, nationally and internationally, over 50 state and local governments, federal agencies, business-NGO coalitions, leading sustainability companies, third-party standards-setting organizations, and academic institutions. I’ve created ecolabels, rating systems, purchasing policies, and contributed to international, national, state and local laws and regulations pushing for innovative safer chemicals.

I have worked with US EPA Department Heads, company CEOs, Chief Science Officers, and Chief Technical Officers, as well as hotel and house-cleaning workers, to create jobs, services and products that are better for our communities, the health of the planet, and long-term profitability.