Dr. Ann Blake recently visited the Philippines, presenting on topics related to safer alternatives to toxic chemicals in consumer products and green chemistry. Dr. Blake was in Manila at the invitation of the EcoWaste Coalition, a member of the International POPS Elimination Network (IPEN), dedicated to creating a toxic free future globally.

EcoWaste Coalition is a public interest network of community, church, school, environmental and health groups pursuing sustainable solutions to waste, climate change and chemical issues facing the Philippines and the world.

Dr. Blake spoke to staff of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration on the topic of microplastics in cosmetics. She also provided an update on regulations in the US and Europe on household chemicals and personal care products. Dr. Blake also spoke at PhilBeauty2017, a cosmetics trade show, on the emerging environmental concerns around the use of microplastic beads in cosmetics.

Dr. Blake presented an overview of Green Chemistry in theory and practice at the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, Environmental Management Bureau. The event was well-attended by government agency staff, academia, and industry and sparked animated discussion about the possibilities of green chemistry for the bio-economy in the Philippines and ASEAN as well as the potential for green chemistry to address many if not most of the goals of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.)

EcoWaste Coalition also hosted a press conference recommending to consumers that they stop their purchase and use of products containing antibacterial chemicals, as they do more harm than good.

Links to Dr. Blake’s presentations are included below.

Introduction to Green Chemistry FINAL 17 May 2017

Microplastics in Cosmetics Final 5.21.17